Explanations to the Topics

Whithout the aim of completeness some results of work I've done will be explained in the following. The aim is to give summaries about some developments done in the past and an outlook on the ideas still growing in the present. Moreover some articles and software not published elsewhere will be provided.

Any topic will be shortly introduced. Articles possessing mathematical contents as well as software will be provided for download only.

To avoid that my homepage will never be completed the explanations to the topics will be presented in a rather immature state. It is intended to complete this gradually.

At moment informations about the following topics are available:

To be concerned with mathematics and internet certainly requires a discussion of different alternatives of presenting mathematical formulas in HTML-documents. Some aspects on this topic are discussed here.

Another project is concerned with enjoying holidays extensively and almost periodically. Only because its relation to mathematics a picture is presented here.

The solar eclipse of August 11th, 1999 should not be missed. A long-term planning of the journey has been successfully crowned by detailed photographs. (The explaining text is provided only in german).

The Impressions of Berlins Picture Gallery presents the results of the first sunday in 2001 and are certainly related to mathematics. Scans and some information on paintings of ancient mathematicians are given. Meanwhile a series of such monuments on (not only ancient) mathematicians have been discovered. From these it was possible to build some kind of a virtual exposition containing pictures of monuments, memorials, plaques, paintings and banknotes.

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