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The studies for getting a profession certainly took a couple of years. Now one has a job, which is optimal with respect of the subjects formerly studied. But there remains still something missing.

I studied for three years the engineering science surveying at the Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main. After that I studied mathematics for five and a half year at the Free University of Berlin together with additional topics of geodesy at the Technical University of Berlin. This studies have been completed by getting a doctoral degree in the field of mathematics.

SICAD logo What can be said about my job is that I joined the development of the geographical information system SICAD from 1983 up to 2007. This also means that partially I worked in customer projects in this area too. Now I am already retired.

Often one will be advised, to have to look forward instead to remain in the past. But on the other hand the own education certainly remains a part of the own life. Just in the period of studying one passes a certain individual development, gets some - possibly only with some endeavour - knowledge and experience, which turns to be unused afterwards and hence tends to be forgotten. Clearly there may be some things which will be gladfully been overcome but there are other things, which are essential for myself and hence it is my interest to train furthermore.

In this context it is worthwhile to emphasize that working with mathematics is one of my primary interests but I do not want to restrict myself to consuming articles only. This means that I try to get new results in really special mathematical fields, working them out, present them at conferences and finally publish them in mathematical journals. With the participation in different committees and working groups I want to avoid the risk of isolation. But the main amount of my engagement requires my virtual exhibition Monuments on Mathematicians.

Since all this must be done besides of my job and without burding my social environment, the progress of my work is rather slowly. (These conditions are also the reason why I restrict myself to fields, which are not widely concerned.) Hence time and certainly also financial ressources for the additional engagement for mathematics are restricted.

I hope that these remarks will interest like-minded colleagues. Don't hesitate to contact me. Suggestions and information about errors and mistakes with respect to my homepage are welcome.

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