Collaboration in groups and committees

Berliner Mathematische Gesellschaft (BMG)
From 1992 up to 2007 I was a member of the Beirat (advisory board) of the BMG. From 2007 I am its secretary. The executive board as well as the counselors and the accountants are elected during the general meeting for two years. The Beirat consists of at least four up to eight members.
The presentation of the BMG in the internet at is developed by a team, which I join too.

Engineering standards committee Technische Grundlagen (NATG)
Department A: Einheiten und Formelgrößen (AEF)

By an article of Prof. G. Brecht in the DMV-Mitteilungen vol. 3/1997 I have been informed about the task that the DIN-Norm 1302 "Allgemeine mathematische Zeichen und Begriffe" will actually be revised. It is possible for anybody to make contributions to the creation and the revision of norms and standards (cf. page 4 of the leaflet "Etwas über DIN", published by DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V., Burggrafenstr. 6, D-10787 Berlin in 1998).

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